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Neurodiversity Celebration Week (13th March 2023)

For Neurodiversity Celebration Week, there is plenty of exciting news coming from A-ND, we might even be in the local press this week... But more of that to follow later!

NCW is a week to celebrate, highlight, and remember that all brains are equally important and that the world needs people who think differently. If we did not have people who were #ThinkingDifferently, we would see limited creativity, innovation & no change in the world.

To kick us off for NCW, we asked those in our team who are neurodivergent to share what life is like for them. A huge thank you to Julia Simpson, our Keep the Promise Worker, for sharing her individual experiences with us. Remember, one person's experience is their experience - we're not stating it's the same for everyone. This is what being neurodivergent means for Julia. Thank you, Julia ♥️

Part 1 👇🏼

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