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Police chiefs back plan to boost number of neurodiverse recruits - The Times

Our CEO, Billy Alexander was recently asked to comment on the welcomed news that Police chiefs in Scotland are committed to boosting the number of neurodiverse recruits after Britain’s most senior officer said personnel with “niche skills” would help to future-proof policing.

"It is a welcomed development that Police Scotland have confirmed they are taking clear steps to recruit more neurodivergent officers after the recent statement made by Sir Mark Rowley. Progressive employers are recognising that people who think differently, the neurodivergent, are an important part of diversity & inclusion & this is a positive step for Police Scotland to modernise & attract new talent & skills into the organisation.

People who think differently because of a neurological difference are often overlooked by many employers & make up a large pool of talent, with 1 in 7 (15%) of us neurodivergent. This is a major opportunity for Police Scotland & the Metropolitan Police however, it is essential the right environment & support is in place to ensure individuals can realise their full potential.

When provided with the right environment & support, autistic people can be some of the most reliable & loyal employees, flourishing in structured environments. Many studies highlight significant statistical correlation between diversity & organisational performance, often giving organisations an edge over competitors, with people who think differently often more productive than their neurotypical peers. Being able to see patterns, hyper focus for long periods of time & having high levels of resilience are some of the skills & talents that those who think differently bring & will only benefit the Police in a variety of the roles & niche skill sets required.

Having a more diverse police force will support modernisation of the organisation & provide new solutions to a variety of challanges. True inclusion & acceptance of those who think differently will bring unique perspectives, skills, ideas & talents, while creating a safe & judgement-free environment, supporting build trust in local communities & find new solutions to fight modern crime."

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