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What is Dingwall Playscheme?

A-ND Dingwall Playscheme will be based at Bridgend Business Park, Dingwall, and will offer a unique sensory and neuro-inclusive environment, thanks to the very generous support of our partners at Envoy.  As we are currently applying for a change of use with Highland Council for the premises we have identified and finalising plans with our contractors , we are not able to give exact dates for launching this service, however hope this will be for summer 2024. 

Our playscheme environment is being uniquely designed, informed by previous collaboration with our children and families from Aberdeen, team and input from partners such as SensationALL and SNAP, to meet the individual and sensory needs of autistic and neurodivergent children and young people from ages 4 to 18 years.


Our trained, skilled and dedicated staff team will offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities, focusing on having fun, while developing physical health, living skills and self care, wellbeing and self-esteem, supporting sensory differences, communication, social skills and relationships.  


We will use Outcomes Star to co-produce personal plans and set agreed outcomes to work towards with our young people and their parents/carers in the following areas: 

  • School & learning 

  • Your routine

  • Family

  • Friends 

  • Being healthy

  • How you feel

  • How you behave

  • Attention and organisation

  • Sensory differences 

Our Dingwall Playscheme will be registered with the Care Inspectorate as a Day Care of Children Service, with times and capacity to be confirmed, but hoped to mirror our Aberdeen Playscheme from 7am to 8pm, 7 days per week  

What will we do at Dingwall Playscheme? 

The activities we hope to enjoy will focus on having fun and developing our children’s unique and individual developmental, social and communication needs and skills.  They will include, to name but a few, arts and crafts, baking, soft and sensory play, gaming for some of our older teenagers, outdoor activities such as outdoor play in our own safe and secure garden, as well as visiting play parks, a variety of outdoor sports/play areas and local attractions.

Most activities will support our children and young people with their sensory needs, regulation, as well as practice their hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills, supporting development and social and communication skills, giving them confidence in a calm, inclusive and non-judgmental environment. 

How will Dingwall Playscheme Funded?

Most of our children will require to be funded either through Self Directed Support (SDS).  


Some children and young people may be funded privately, or through a family member (self funded). Costs will vary depending on the support ratio required for each young person. 

If we could provide free support, we absolutely would, regardless of age, post code, location or background. However to enable us to pay our valued & skilled staff a Real Living Wage, we require each young person to be fully funded. We truly hope this changes one day with better funding made available & are working hard to try & achieve equitable support for all who want & need it.

How do I make a referral?

Contact our Head Quarters on 01224 277 900 or email by clicking on the 'REFER HERE' button below. 

One of our Highland Team will be in touch to discuss your child's needs and what we can offer. 

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