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A-ND use Outcomes Star, an evidence-based tool for measuring & supporting change when working with the people we support & their families. 


Outcomes Star is underpinned by the 3 values of Empowerment, Collaboration & Integration.  These values align with our own here at A-ND, are trauma informed & support our practitioners & teams ensure a person-centred, strength-based & co-production approach to their practice, support & work. 


We place high importance on the people we support’s perspective & priorities.  Outcomes Star supports a holistic view on all aspects of life that are going well for the people we support & their families, in addition to areas of difficulty, helping us ensure we have a strength-based approach. 


Essentially, we encourage & enable the people we support, as well as their families & people that matter most to them where required, to be an active agent in their own life, valuing them as the experts. 

Why Outcomes Star Works


  • Because the Outcomes Star believes change is possible 

  • Because the Outcomes Star focuses on sustainable outcomes 

  • Because the Outcomes Star both measures & supports change 

  • Because the Outcomes Stars are sector-wide 

  • Because the Outcomes Star is empowering – done with, not done to 

  • Because the Outcomes Star is accessible & engaging 

  • Because the Outcomes Star provides a clear outcomes framework 

  • Because the Outcomes Star improves action planning 

  • Because the Outcomes Star delivers meaningful data 

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