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Outreach Support

What is the Outreach Support service?

We provide autistic & neurodivergent specific support & guidance for autistic children, adults & their families.  The youngest person we support (as at May 2023), is 4 years of age & oldest approaching 70.


Support can be provided anywhere within Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Moray and the Highlands (as of April 2024), such as within the homes of those we support, local communities & places of education or employment, mainly on a one-to-one basis & decided by the personal plan co-designed & agreed by the individual & our team. Where required & wanted, we work with family members & any one else who is important to the individual we are supporting.  

Diagnosis is not necessary to use or access any of our services & all referrals are considered on an individual basis. 

Our support staff listen & offer guidance, enabling individuals, & where required their families, to support them overcome the challenges & difficulties unique to them, providing tailored support for individuals to reach their individual goals & lead independent, fulfilling & happy lives.

Our team will co-design tailored & person-centred personal plans with individuals to achieve what goals & outcomes they set in some, or all of the following areas, using an outcomes measurement tool called Outcomes Star;

For Children & Young People 

  • School & learning 

  • Your routine

  • Family

  • Friends 

  • Being healthy

  • How you feel

  • How you behave

  • Attention and organisation

  • Sensory differences & needs 

For Adults

  • Your Health 

  • How you spend your time

  • Being responsible 

  • Being safe 

  • Money & letters 

  • Living skills 

  • Communicating 

  • Feeling good 

  • People you know 

  • Mental health & other conditions 

  • Sensory differences & needs

How often is support provided? 

We provide outreach support to individuals for 3 hours, 5 hours, 7 hours or 9 hours at any one time.  This can be daily, once or several times per week or month to support an individual attend a specific & regular social event.  It all depends on individual need. Our Outreach Support Service runs between the hours of 6am & 12midnight, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.  

Whether managing your home & tenancy, morning routine for children and families, evening routine and bedtime, shopping, budgeting, attending school, college or university, or even as a one off to go somewhere for the first time on holiday, our team will be happy to support.  Every individual need is unique & we pride ourselves on doing what we can to co-design the best support for each individual.  A person-centred approach to support. 

The Matching Process

A-ND operates a matching process to enable the development of effective relationships, which we strongly believe is a pre-requisite for enabling change & a key value of A-ND: We Value Relationships. 

Careful consideration is given to the placement of our team with each individual prior to support commencing, & support is provided by the smallest, practical number of support workers to enable effective, trusting & supporting relationships to be built. This is usually a team of 3 support workers, however all people we support are allocated with one individual Key Worker who co-leads on the personal plan with the person we support.  


Introduction of a new support worker is a gradual process & usually starts with a shadow session or two along with an existing, familiar worker who is able to give feedback to the new worker.  In addition, the person we support & where appropriate, their family & people important to them are directly consulted about the suitability of any new support worker prior to support beginning.  On no occasion is a person we support asked to accept support from someone they have not already met or agreed to work with. 

Where does Outreach operate?

  • Aberdeen City

  • Aberdeenshire

  • Moray

  • Highlands (as of April 2024)

How is Outreach Support Funded? 

The majority of people we support are currently funded through Self Directed Support (SDS), with some funded by family members or self-funded.  If you believe you are entitled to SDS & unsure how to access, please contact one of our team who will be happy to guide you.  

If we could provide free support, we absolutely would, regardless of age, post code, location or background. However to enable us to pay our valued staff a Real Living Wage, we require each support package to be fully funded. We truly hope this changes one day with better funding made available & are working hard to try & achieve equitable support for all who want & need it.


How do I make a referral?

Click on the 'REFER HERE' button below to download our referral form & send your completed form by email to, or call our Head Quarters on 01224 277 900.

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