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A-ND provide pay-rise to ensure staff paid over National Living Wage

In December 2022, A-ND Board approved the proposal that service delivery staff will have a significant pay increase as of January 2023 to support with the continuing rise in the cost of living & energy costs. The minimum any individual will be paid in any role with A-ND from January 2023 is £11 per hour.

While A-ND have received no increase in income, current contracts or funding, A-ND recognise the importance of paying our staff a decent wage for the essential support & services they provide.

It has been reported (Community Care) that more than 80% of jobs in the wider economy pay more than the average independent care worker wage, Skills for Care revealed today in its annual report on the workforce.

A-ND strive for all support workers to be paid fairly for the work they do, however significant changes require to be made at both local and national government levels.

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