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In Loving Memory of Andrew Wilson

In November this year, we sadly and tragically lost one of our key team members, Andrew Wilson, our one and only Binky the Sensory Bus Driver.

Andrew was loved by all those here at A-ND, he will always be fondly remembered, and we miss him terribly. Our love and thoughts remain with all his family and friends during this incomprehensible time. 

Billy Alexander, CEO: "Joining us in the summer, Andrew made an instant impression on both the team here and our partners at SensationalALL. Taking Binky on its maiden voyage throughout summer and autumn alongside the team, Andrew helped to establish the perfect spots for Binky to engage with families and provide vital support. Having this opportunity to share Binky's early days with Andrew and 'touring' our initiative with him was one of the highlights of my career and I will forever be thankful for that time and moment and the cherished memories created.

Naturally, Andrew was a hit with many of the children and young people we support, understanding and supporting all their individual needs and creating wonderful experiences for them. Instantly, he was a solid, reliable, and strong member of our team.

While sadly we only had the honour of having Andrew as part of our team for five months, he will always have a huge place in our hearts and within A-ND. A small tribute to you Andrew - with love from us all at A-ND ❤️"

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