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Keep the Promise Pilot Project: A Journey of Transformation.

Welcome to a moment of transformation and promise, where dedication meets hope, and where every child and family stands at the threshold of a brighter, more supported future. In our recent report, we delve into the heart of the Keep the Promise (KtP) Pilot Project's first-year journey, generously propelled by The Corra Foundation's support. This initiative embodies a bold stride away from conventional service models, steering towards a future where families are not just participants but key partners in the crafting of services that resonate with their deepest needs and aspirations.

As we navigate through this report, we invite you on a journey marked by transformation, not only in the lives of the children and families we're privileged to support, but in the very fabric of our approach to social care. From the establishment of a dedicated team offering tailored support, to the significant enhancements in workforce conditions, and deeper, more meaningful engagements with families, the KtP Pilot Project stands as a shining example of what's possible when we dare to dream of a more compassionate, effective, and family-centred approach to social care.

Our Report explores the milestones achieved, the challenges turned into stepping stones, and the future directions that promise to deepen the impact of this pioneering project. Witness the testament to the potential of partnership, dedication, and a shared vision in realising The Promise's ambitions, setting a new standard for care that truly keeps the heart of every child and family at its core. Welcome to the Keep the Promise Pilot Project: A Journey of Transformation.

KtP Year 1 Progress Report - FINAL
Download PDF • 249KB

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