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A-ND Extends Thanks for Enhanced Self Directed Support Payments

Autism and Neurodiversity North Scotland (A-ND) is delighted to acknowledge and extend thanks to the Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership for their recent decision to increase self-directed support payments (option 2) by 9% from April 2024. We very much hope all other local authorities will announce the same in coming days.

This increase to SDS payments is a pivotal moment for our organisation and the community we serve. It enables essential services provided by organisations like ours to continue to be delivered, and importantly, recognises the invaluable work carried out by our staff, enabling us to provide a fair and reasonable wage that reflects the challenging yet incredibly rewarding nature of their work.

The 9% increase in self-directed support payments directly aligns with our commitment to pay our staff the Scottish Real Living Wage. As of January 2024, A-ND proudly implemented a minimum wage of £12 per hour for our employees, ensuring that they are compensated adequately for their dedication and hard work.

This financial enhancement from the Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership is more than just a much needed boost to our funding; it's an acknowledgment to the value and importance of the support services provided to autistic and neurodiverse individuals and their families. This welcomed increase acknowledges the need for those delivering these essential services to be supported adequately.

A-ND looks forward to continuing our work, largely supported by this increase in funding, and will continue to work with local and national governments to move further towards fair and securely commissioned and funded services.

We remain committed to providing high-quality support and advocacy for those we serve, ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to live a fulfilling and supported life.

We extend our thanks to the Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership for their continued support and for making a significant difference in the lives of many individuals and families in North East Scotland. This decision marks a positive step forward in recognising and addressing the needs of the neurodiverse community and those who work tirelessly to support them.

10th March, 2024

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