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A-ND support Catterline SWI increase understanding of Neurodiversity

Updated: Jun 20

We are thrilled to share that our CEO, Billy Alexander, had an incredible evening at Catterline SWI on Wednesday, 19th June 2024. Billy delivered a captivating Neurodiversity Awareness session to 18 wonderful local leaders, who warmly welcomed him and enthusiastically engaged with the fidget and sensory toys he brought along.

The session was so well-received that the ladies invited Billy back for a more in-depth session— an hour simply wasn't enough to cover all things Neurodiversity!

In addition to the enlightening discussion, Billy had the honour of judging the mock-tail competition. It was a tough job, but he managed to select the top four winners. Congratulations to the champion! 🏆

It's inspiring to see organisations like the SWI actively engaging with and supporting A-ND, acknowledging the importance of advancing their members' understanding of neurodiversity. We look forward to continuing our relationship and partnership over the coming months and years.

Stay tuned for more updates and events!

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