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A-ND Thanks Moray Legal for Generous Donation

A huge thank you to Fallan Spencer and the team at Moray Legal for their nomination of A-ND to be one of the charities to benefit from their charity ledger!

We are very grateful to have received a cheque for £465.02 on May 29th, 2024. This generous donation will significantly help us continue delivering direct, neurodiverse-specific support to children, adults, and their families across north Scotland.

The power of support from corporates, like this from Moray Legal, is not just a small donation. When combined with other contributions, it helps make a life-changing difference to many. The collaboration between the corporate sector and the third sector should not, and cannot, be underestimated.

This donation alone equates to 20 hours of outreach support from A-ND for an indidvidual or family, or 3 full day sessions in our playscheme for a child. These sessions provide children with a wonderful experience and support their development in our sensory and neurodiverse-specific playscheme environment, managed by our trained team. Additionally, it gives families a short break to build their own wellbeing, knowing their child is in a safe environment with a team they can trust.

Thank you, Moray Legal, for your impactful support! ♥️

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