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Celebrating Excellence: A-ND Outreach Service's Stellar Care Inspection Results

I am thrilled to share the fantastic news that our Outreach Service has recently undergone a rigorous care inspection, and I couldn’t be prouder of the results.  We’ve been awarded grades of 5 (Very Good) and 4 (Good) across two key categories.  This achievement is a testament to the dedication, hard work and unwavering commitment to excellence continually demonstrated by our entire team.


A Glimpse into the Inspection Process

Care inspections are comprehensive evaluations conducted by our regulatory body to ensure that we meet the highest standards of service delivery. The inspectors assess various aspects of our service, focusing on:


Key Question 1: How well do we support people’s wellbeing?:

Key Question 2: How good is our Leadership?:

Key Question 3: How good is our staff team?.

Key Question 4: How good is our setting?

Key Question 5: How well is our care planned?


Achieving high grades in these categories is not just about passing a test; it's about showcasing our ongoing commitment to improvement and excellence in everything we do.


Key Highlights from the Inspection Report

 In March 2024, our A-ND Outreach Service, covering the whole of north of Scotland, was inspected, focusing on 2 key areas;


Key Question 1: How well do we support people’s wellbeing? (Grade 4: Good)

Key Question 2: How good is our Leadership?: (Grade 5: Very Good)


Key messages from the report were;


  • The service had a positive, enabling and person-centred approach, which helped people to get the most out of life.

  • People were supported to stay healthy and well.

  • The leadership team had comprehensive quality assurance processes which helped to keep people safe. 

  • The standard of support plans varied. Some were very good, while others required reviewing to ensure they identified people's needs and the actions required to meet them.


The inspection report highlighted the exceptional quality of care provided by the Outreach Service and the A-ND team. People we Support consistently receive personalised and compassionate support tailored to their unique needs. Inspectors noted the positive impact of these services on the people we support’s well-being, emphasising the organisation's ability to foster a supportive and nurturing environment.


Strong and effective leadership is crucial for any successful organisation. The inspection praised the management team's ability to lead with vision and integrity. Effective communication, robust quality assurance systems, and a clear focus on quality improvement were highlighted as key strengths.


The Road to Success: Team Effort and Dedication

Achieving high grades is a collective effort.  From frontline support workers to administrative staff and management, everyone plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality and integrity of our services.


Regular training sessions, feedback mechanisms, and a culture of openness and improvement have all contributed to this success. Our ability to listen to feedback and swiftly implement necessary changes was particularly noted as a significant strength.


Looking Ahead: Striving for Excellence

While the recent inspection results are cause for celebration, we are not resting on our laurels. Continuous improvement is at the heart of our ethos. Plans are already underway to address the areas highlighted for improvement, particularly in personal plans and outcomes, to strive for even higher grades in future inspections.



The recent care inspection results are a proud achievement for the Outreach Service. They reflect the dedication, compassion, and professionalism of the entire team. As our organisation continues to provide exceptional care and support, our teams remain committed to upholding and exceeding these high standards, ensuring that every person we support receives the best possible service.


Congratulations to everyone involved for this outstanding accomplishment! Here’s to continued success and even higher achievements in the future.


Kind regards,


Shona Howie

Regional Manager

Full report can be found here 👇🏼

A-ND Outreach CI Report March 2024
Download PDF • 342KB

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