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Celebrating Progress: ACVO's 'Keep the Promise' Event and the Dedication of Our Team

On Friday 14th June 2024, ACVO hosted the inspiring "Keep the Promise" event, dedicated to transforming Scotland's care system for vulnerable children and families, hearing from key speakers -

  • MC – Andrew Lawtie: Vice Lord Lieutenant, Aberdeen

  • Fraser McKinlay: CEO The Promise Scotland

  • Georgette Cobban: Senior Development Officer, ACVO TSI

  • Billy Alexander: CEO, Autism & Neurodiversity North-East

  • Shona Milne: Interim Chief Education Officer, Aberdeen City Council

  • Graeme Simpson: Chief Social Work Officer, Aberdeen City Council

Our CEO, Billy Alexander, along with our committed and passionate team, played a pivotal role in this significant gathering, which brought together various stakeholders from across multiple sectors.

A Team United for Change

Joining Billy at the event were Shona Howie, Regional Manager; Julie Clark, KtP Support Worker; Jasmine Elcock, KtP Support Worker; and Tristan Mathers, KtP Team Leader. This dynamic team not only showcased the impactful work being done at A-ND but also engaged in meaningful discussions with other partners and organisations attending the event. Their presence underscored the collective effort required to fulfill The Promise of transforming the care system in Scotland.

The Power of Love and Collaboration

The central theme of Billy's speech was the critical need for love and compassion within the care system. He emphasised that true transformation can only be achieved through collaborative efforts and meaningful partnerships across all sectors . This message resonated deeply throughout the event, highlighting that without supporting our workforce, The Promise cannot be realised.

Gette and Fraser's speeches echoed this sentiment, reinforcing the importance of a well-supported workforce in achieving the goals of "Keep the Promise." Audience members also contributed to the discussion, with questions and comments emphasising the necessity of systemic change and the value of collaborative approaches.

Showcasing Our Impact

Our team members shared numerous success stories from the Keep the Promise pilot project at A-ND, illustrating the profound impact of their work. For instance, Julie Clark and Jasmine Elcock highlighted how their support has enabled families to experience moments of joy and connection that were once unattainable. Tristan Mathers discussed the significance of whole-family approaches and the remarkable improvements in well-being and family dynamics they have witnessed.

Shona Howie, as Regional Manager, underscored the importance of collaboration across sectors, emphasising that the partnerships with public services, private enterprises, and third-sector organisations are crucial in delivering high-quality support to children and families.

Strengthening Bonds and Building Networks

The event also provided a beautiful opportunity to reconnect with previous colleagues and partners. Billy Alexander had the pleasure of meeting Beth-Anne Logan from Includem, a former colleague at Who Cares? Scotland and a strong advocate for the care-experienced community. Such connections reinforce the network of support and shared commitment to improving the lives of vulnerable children and families in Scotland.

Looking Ahead

The "Keep the Promise" event was a celebration of past successes and a call to action for ongoing commitment. Billy Alexander urged all stakeholders to continue their collaborative efforts, emphasising that supporting our workforce is paramount to achieving The Promise. "Together, we can make a difference," he said. "Let’s keep the promise together."

Join Us in Keeping the Promise

ACVO's "Keep the Promise" event underscored the importance of love, collaboration, and meaningful partnerships in transforming Scotland's care system. As we move forward, we invite all stakeholders, partners, and community members to join us in this transformative journey. Together, we can ensure a brighter future for all children in Scotland.

For more information about the "Keep the Promise" initiative and how you can get involved, visit ACVO's website

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to making this event a success. Let's keep the promise, together.

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