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Research Participants Needed

Michelle Dodd, an autistic research assistant at the The University of Edinburgh of Edinburgh is currently working with Dr Catherine Crompton and Professor Sue Fletcher-Watson on the replication of their seminal Diversity in Social Intelligence study.

They are in the process of looking for autistic and non-autistic people to participate in this research and have asked us to share information.

Like many autistic people, Michelle found the original study, which suggested that autistic people don't have communication deficits per se as described in the vast majority of literature, to be a breath of fresh air.

It introduced Michelle to the whole concept of neurodiversity, which led her to discover the social model of disability and her life has been greatly improved by this.

If you are interested in participating please complete the following form:

If eligible, you will attend a 3 - 4 hour Research Day at the University of Edinburgh (we have plenty of resources to help make the Research Day as easy as possible).

We will cover reasonable travel expenses and offer a £30 voucher or bank transfer. This is explained in more detail in this video:

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