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Keep the Promise - 1st Catch Up Review

Our A-ND Keep the Promise Team, Janet, Julia & Tristan, met with Shona, our Children's Service Manager & Billy, our CEO today to provide an update on the the KTP project so far, funded by the Corra Foundation.

To say the impact on the 8 children & families (out of over 50 we support), who self selected & are directly involved in the project has already been positive, less than 3 months in, would be an understatement!

Ensuring the space, time & resources are available to children & families, with 'experts' & formal, bureaucratic processes removed, meetings & actions planned on our families own terms & in their time, is already clearly making a significant, positive difference.

Relationship-based & trauma informed practice at the very heart of the project, due to a realistic, properly funded & resourced service & team, is ensuring we contribute to our part of Scotland Keeping the Promise. We look forward to our next update in 3 months time. More information to come, watch this space...

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