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Neurodiversity Celebration Week: Why it's important.

“Why is it important to celebrate neurodiversity and the power of thinking differently?” 


For NCW2024, we asked our team to share their thoughts on this vital question, illuminating why occasions like Neurodiversity Celebration Week are necessary to transform attitudes and understanding surrounding neurodiversity. 


We are fortunate to have a compassionate team who are committed to doing their part to break down barriers and share their perspective.

Read what our team had to say below. 


Billy Alexander  

“Celebrating neurodiversity and the power of thinking differently is crucial because it recognises and values the unique perspectives and abilities that individuals with varying neurological conditions bring to our communities and workplaces. It fosters inclusivity, innovation, and a deeper understanding of the human experience, enriching society by emphasising that different does not mean less, but rather contributes to the diverse tapestry of human intellect and creativity.” 


Obianuju Iheji  

"I believe that by embracing neurodiversity and the power of thinking differently, we learn from these experiences and help us contribute towards driving social change and challenging societal norms while advocating for the acceptance and inclusion of all individuals regardless of their cognitive differences." 


Ren Ferguson  

“It's vital that we all celebrate neurodiversity and the power of thinking differently because there is so much we can learn from neurodiverse individuals. Neurodiversity shouldn’t be seen as a 'challenging behaviour' but rather a superpower.” 


Sam Smallwood  

“The world would be very boring if everybody thought in the same way; there would be limited progress made. By thinking differently, we are able to go outside the box and explore a world of more possibilities.” 


Sarah Craddock  

“The most important thing is to educate people to understand and empathise with neurodiverse individuals to be patient and utilise everyone's ability to live as happy a life as possible. The television programme 'BBC2 Autism and Me' was so informative in understanding the adult side of things and the everyday challenges they face in life - worth a serious watch!” 


Helena Dahl  

“Being loved by someone with autism isn't transactional or conditional - attention to detail & pattern recognition is incredible, the complexity is beautiful, acts of kindness and further in the detail in which we consider someone even if it does not come out perfect. It is the thought, the detail and care that goes into every expression - being loved by an autistic person is a privilege.” 


To learn more about Neurodiversity Celebration Week, visit the official website here. 

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